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WE ARE GROWING....What is new for WEW?

We need to take time to appreciate our growth as a community. We are reaching women struggling in their life and providing safe meetings protected by the traditions of our programs.

Our twelve-step meetings have up to 40 women weekly in one meeting! Our lunchtime ACA meeting is our newest offering and has international members who attend due to time differences.

What once began as a CODA meeting in a small room of a community center that it outgrew within months now reaches women worldwide and has expanded into our collective, "Women Empowering Women Support Groups."

We have added a Newcomers page to our website's homepage menu.

We want our members to have access to each program so they can determine what is best for their needs at this time. We all started somewhere, whether encouraged by therapists, searching online, reading about recovery, etc. It does not matter where you are right now, it matters where you want to be, and we seek only to aid you in finding those resources. Our meetings are valuable and, in my case, lifesaving.

We have RESOURCES available for our members FREE of charge.

Don't forget we have resources available, including workbooks for journaling FREE of charge; even meeting content is recorded (post-meeting), so we all have access to topics we need to review or catch up on when we miss meetings. This information is for our members only, and if you send an email to us at, we will happily send you the password. You must be a member of our site, so you sign up by clicking the icon at the top right of your screen. We have a mobile app you can download and access our members with a forum similar to posting on social media. The forum is perfect for those who do not have social media and want to keep up with the group. You can message members and even post questions.

We have an URGENT need for SPONSORS, please sign up or provide your information via email.

I would say that most emails I receive are from members looking for sponsors in BOTH programs. We NEED SPONSORS....this is how the membership stays healthy, and we can do many things to encourage sponsoring. We have posted information regarding sponsorship on our website under NEWCOMERS and our LEADERS and SPONSORS pages.

We need LEADERS for our meetings.

To continue our growth, we do need volunteers to lead our meetings. Please consider leading as a service to the community where we provide everything you need. Leaders need to have attended six meetings and have some Zoom and PowerPoint Skills. We can meet with new leaders and walk them through the meeting process. This is a HUGE gift to our leaders who have to run multiple weekly meetings. You need only do it if you can; no one is required to volunteer. SIGN UP on our website under Leaders and Sponsors.

We are here to help each other get the help we need to lead healthier and happier lives.

Thanks for being a part of this amazing community and sharing your experience, strength, and hope with us all.

In Grateful Service,

Kimberly Sprintz, Founder & Member

Women Empowering Women CODA & ACA

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