Meeting Leaders

Thanks for volunteering to be one of our meeting leaders...we are a volunteer organization with multiple meetings that require leaders to sign up and lead them weekly. The only requirements we have is that you have ZOOM MEETING EXPERIENCE, have attended a MINIMUM of 6 meetings for ACA and for CoDA (per-group conscience) you have finished your fourth step in the program. We request that you use the zoom templates for all of our meetings in order to maintain consistency for our meetings. If you are able to send your slides via email to our, we will record a mini video (voice only screen share) to be posted on our member only video series section of our website. This allows us to have a valuable library for our members to access on specific topics.

Click the button below to sign up to lead:




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We will be providing a Google Doc Sheet to sign up as SPONSORS...If you are in need of sponsoring, the process is to ask following a meeting online. Sponsors will be asked to provide their contact info in the CHAT at the meetings, it is your job to reach out to those individuals and see if they are available to sponsor you. If you still need help finding a sponsor, contact us by email and we will do our best to connect you with those available to sponsor you. Please be patient...this list is taking time for sponsors to fill out and will be added when we have one completed. 

Zoom Meeting Templates

Please use the templates below, there are slides that are blank for you to add your topic. Please stick with the required CODA and ACA literature for our meetings. NO OUTSIDE MATERIAL IS ALLOWED. 

NEXT STEP can have outside material  & Zoom Template will be emailed to approved leaders.