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The group desires a safe community of women to walk their recovery journey

together. We have built a strong group of women who support each other by adhering to the guidance of our CoDA & ACA material. Our website is to expand the resources we have for our recovery.


The member-only content pages will have videos, workshops, and presentations about the collective recovery that will aid us in establishing and maintaining healthy lives and emotional sobriety that will be easy to access by our members on step-work, etc. 

If you attend meetings and want to be added to our PRIVATE Social Media Page on Meta/Facebook, contact the group leader at the meeting you attend, provide them with your email information, and request to be added. Directions will soon follow. If you wish to gain access to the members-only site, you MUST create a profile with a VALID email address, and an invitation will be sent to you to join. You will then email requesting to be added and can be verified as a member of our website. This is a long process made essential to maintain personal anonymity for our group members. We ask that you donate as you can; access this valuable resource for our members to enhance the recovery journey further.


Kimberly S. Founder, Group Leader, and Webmaster

EMAIL: to request the password for access to the site. 

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