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The Adult Child

ACA defines an Adult Child as “someone whose actions and decisions as an adult are guided by childhood experiences grounded in self-doubt or fear.”  Pg. 302 of our ACA Fellowship text

Here are some of the questions we use to help identify ourselves as an Adult Child:

  • Do I fear authority figures and angry people?

  • Do I see most forms of criticism as a personal attack?

  • Do I have difficulty identifying feelings?

  • Do I involve myself in the problems of others? Do I feel more alive when there is a crisis?

  • Do I judge myself without mercy and guess what is normal? 

  • Do I recall anyone at my home drinking, taking drugs, or being involved in another behavior that I now believe could be dysfunctional?

  • Did one of my parents make excuses for the other parent’s drinking or other behaviors?

  • As an adult, do I feel immature? Do I feel like I am a child inside?


Answering yes to any of these questions may mean you are suffering from the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional household, whether due to alcoholism or another addiction, workaholism, perfectionism, or some other factor or form of abuse.  

The questions above were taken from our trifold “25 Questions: Am I an Adult Child“ 

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