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Meeting Leaders & Sponsors

Thanks for volunteering to lead a meeting; there are multiple meetings, so make sure you sign up for the right one. Per our Group Conscience, leaders must have is ZOOM MEETING EXPERIENCE, attend a MINIMUM of 6 meetings for either ACA or CoDA (per-group conscience), and complete your fourth step.

We request that you use the zoom templates for all of our meetings to maintain consistency for our meetings. If you can send your slides via email to, we will record a mini video (voice-only screen share) for our member-only video series section of our website.

Your meeting topic allows us to have a valuable library for our members to access.


Click below to sign up:

Zoom Meeting Templates

Please use the templates below; some slides are blank to add your topic. Please stick with the required CODA and ACA literature for our meetings.


We have added the newcomer's welcome packet, so please click the link to download the package on your computer. You can manually add it to the chat for each meeting. 


Thank you for your service and for carrying forward the message of CoDA and ACA to our Members. If you are a meeting leader or attend meetings,  please let those in attendance know if you are taking on sponsees. We have many people looking for sponsors, and we need your help.  

Group Conscience Meetings

To be announced
our previous GC (1/9/2023) was held to vote on

the CoDA group and is tabled until more information is obtained. 

Zoom Meeting Security PDF

A Guide for Leaders

What to do if a online meeting
is compromised.

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