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We are an all-women's CoDA Group for those who identify as female or Non-Binary, who have chronic illnesses, care for others with chronic illnesses, or do both.


We hold our group CoDA meetings on ZOOM every Saturday from

10:30 -12:00 Central Standard Time.

Meeting ID#

933 9289 3827
Passcode: chron&coda

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Woman in Wheelchair at Beach
How is our meeting unique?

We use the 12 steps of Codependents Anonymous, our Higher Power, and the support of each other to:

  • Learn to navigate chronic illness.

  • Learn to form healthy relationships with ourselves, those we love, and others, especially those we care for.

  • Find peace, understanding, and acceptance while suffering.

  • Learn to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  • Learn to break the pain-fear cycle.

  • Learn to listen, share, and hold space in our meetings without judgment.

  • Learn to make time for compassionate self-care and find the strength to forgive ourselves.

  • Learn to become advocates for ourselves and those we care for.

  • Learn to know that our chronic illnesses are not our fault and not to place blame on ourselves or apologize for our disabilities.

  • Discover new tools for managing our illness and caring for ourselves.

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