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Meeting Topic & Recap for 11/30/20 “Codependents Guide to Surviving The Holidays” by: Savannah Grey

Housekeeping Items:

  1. We need SPONSORS to make themselves known and I will compile a list to post here and on our website.

  2. We need SPONSORS that would like to make themselves available each week to have a zoom room open to have members who are working their steps have a chance to ask for feedback for 1 hour anytime of day. I can post the days and times of the zoom meeting and those who are interested can sign up to attend.

  3. I started this week to request that anyone who is available to sponsor type their name in the chat and phone number. Another member some months ago proposed that we could change our NAME in the Zoom to our Phone Number for those who are available to sponsor. Please consider using one of these methods to ensure that our members in our meetings have access to sponsors....”It works if you work it” and we NEED sponsors for those women ready to work their program.

Topic Recap and Article Link

Thanksgiving is usually round one of the crazy holiday season, the time that reminds many of us how unhealthy our families really are. To be confronted with individuals you would prefer to avoid all together or those that lead us to fantasy thinking, “How amazing it would be if they would...,”you get the point. I searched and found what equates to a written “share” by a codependent in recovery that I felt addressed some of the key issues many of us face this time of year. The link is attached at the bottom of this document.

Many of our members expressed issues with loneliness this time of year, especially in light of CoVID. We all try to do the best we can in spite of the pandemic, but nothing beats in person connection. Some expressed issues with grief for those on a no contact list, others who have lost family members for numerous reasons whos absences leave room for much sadness. Some are embracing this holiday without children for the first time due to divorces, with mixed feelings about those scenarios. Others have chosen to begin to make NEW traditions this year, what an empowering use of change!!

The bottom-line is you are NOT ALONE, even if you feel that you are. So many of us are also struggling this time of year. Reach out to your fellow members, post a discussion question about Codependency on this will have plenty of feedback!

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