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Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Freedom Is Real

I finally decided to be true to myself and end a thirty-year marriage to an alcoholic. I was scared, lonely, and unable to properly communicate with others my needs and wants in life. Now I’m at the end of my first year on my own.

I've had to learn what I want in life and understand that what I do matters to myself and others. Understanding the true meaning of what it takes to love and care for others. Saying no is not bad. And a positive attitude in living every day with myself does matter.

As I grow and learn more everyday CoDA is teaching me about the wonderful person I am. And that when helping and loving is done in a healthy way the feeling and purpose it brings is so much more meaningful. There is hope and prayers for all who struggle with this problem. To work hard on myself and life's journey will be open for the taking.

Christine 10/23/23



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