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I have always heard the term codependent, but I really didn’t understand it. When I was 66 years old, I had a nervous breakdown.

Growing up I was rarely made a priority. When my father passed away, I became my mother’s caregiver. Needless to say, I wasn’t taking care of myself. I hurt my daughter’s family terribly and I worried my family to death. I was deficient in B12 to the point where I could barely get up in the morning.

I’ve had to make myself a priority, and it does not come easy! I was so happy to take care of my children and give them what I never had. And I fell back into being my mom’s caregiver as I had as a child.

I am learning to eat better, to exercise, to do good things for myself, and to find enjoyment in the things I never made the time to do. I am thankful that at 66 I finally realized what I was doing to myself. I thank CoDA for being such a good support and for giving me the tools to keep progressing and recovering.

Maria Codependent 5/9/2023

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