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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

An Enormous Gem Hiding in Plain Sight

I am grateful for learning boundaries at last. Having survived a childhood of profound abuse, I was vulnerable to dependent relationships, never having had my dependency needs met as a child.

I felt completely stuck as a younger adult and the parent of numerous children. I could not begin to imagine how I would survive were I to leave a highly abusive relationship. When I heard about 12-Step recovery and experienced my first meetings, I had a strong paradigm shift. Without changing circumstances, I was suddenly able to see that there was a way that I could become free.

With the help of my higher power and the support of wonderful new friends at meetings I quickly became single and never looked back. It was fascinating to me to feel so completely powerless for so long and then to feel empowered by the 12 Steps. New personal power to choose and to set limits and to feel worth and to begin to heal.

I had never heard anything that even vaguely resembled the slogans nor the Steps or even the Traditions. The literature was so freeing, and the stories of others were so enlightening and encouraging.

I can't imagine life without the CoDA program, and I am so grateful. An enormous gem hiding in plain sight. It saved my life.

Cynthia F. 7/18/2023

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