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Celebrate Yourself... Monday 5/31/21

I Am Worth Celebrating

In CoDA, I became aware that I was "worth" celebrating. That concept still brings up faint echo's of shame from my inner critic, after a myriad of trauma that spans my lifetime, the words that were said by those who I placed value in over myself, still sting to this day.

I know all too well that codependency is always waiting for me to "choose" it again.

It is the nature of compulsive behavior, to take the easier path, method, or behavior over the one that takes effort and self-awareness. So, why do I mention this? We do the hard work of reviewing our entire life when we do our steps and work our individual programs. The aspect of celebrating ourselves is still something that many CoDA groups do not take part in. When I started Women Empowering Women CoDA in 2018, I wanted to celebrate the process of completing our steps, in addition to the ceremony for the anniversaries from the day we decided to start our CoDA journey.

Celebration Recovery Coins "chips"...

We have a special coin given to our members when they have completed their steps. The coin has a butterfly on it, symbolizing the path of transforming from a chrysalis where we safely did the work guided by our Higher Power and a supportive Sponsor. The chip is heavy, reminding us of the obligation to continue to apply the steps in our daily life and to carry the message to other codependents.

The serenity prayer is one of my favorites because it is applicable in every situation life brings to us. Serenity occurs when we finally get out of our own way, when we stop putting others before our own sanity, when we stop making others our Higher Power. When we realize that "controlling" people and outcomes is NOT our business. We can let things happen as they need to, we can stress less about outcomes and focus on staying present and healthy in our own lives. The serenity prayer reminds me to embrace "acceptance" that things are NOT in my control, to find "courage" to do what is in my power (set boundaries, etc.), and the "wisdom" to know the difference. The chip is a way to celebrate the journey of our recovery from a lifetime of self-defeating behavior disguised as being a matriarch, martyr, tough woman, overly involved parent, obsessive perfectionist, work-acholic, addict, insert your patterns and characteristics here.

About Our "Celebration" Meeting

The last Monday of every month is the day I host the CoDA meetings. I choose this meeting because I want to be a part of the celebration for every member that decides that day to start their journey, for those celebrating their anniversary and especially, for those who have successfully completed their steps with a sponsor in our program.

Everyday we choose to work our program of recovery is a day that should be celebrated, everyday we have a chance to choose to correct our course is also a day to celebrate.

When we used to meet in person, the "event" had food and refreshments, now online we hold space to hear those who want to tell their story of recovery and those who simply want to be honored. We still send out our chips to those members celebrating, simply email me and I will gladly send you those you need.

May 31, 2021 Meeting 6:30-7:30 CST

Tomorrow, we celebrate one of my dear friends 1 year anniversary and she will be the guest speaker, login to the meeting at, the link is on the main page. is to a fantastic year of growth and achievements. It has been an HONOR to watch you continue to grow and flourish in your healthy life. Thank you for all you do in our groups and every life you touch simply by being your authentic self. You are an amazing woman and honored member. We celebrate you!!!

Anyone else who would like to be mentioned, please contact me via email at

In Servitude,


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