We Invite You to Join Us for Our Weekly Twelve Step Online Meetings (CST ONLY)
to learn more about our other non-twelve step meetings go to nextstepwew.org
Please refrain from logging into the meetings unless it is the actual date and time. 

Monday Night CoDA
6:30-7:30 PM Central Time

This is our Traditional CODA

meeting with individual sharing and no crosstalk. The only requirement to join is a desire for healthy relationships.


Meeting ID# 883 7896 5566

Passcode: codawew

CoDA Step Group 6-7 PM Central Time


Our Step Study Group meets


every Thursday to discuss the


steps and share our


experience, strength & hope.







Meeting ID# 82318376523

Passcode: arcoda

ACA Meeting
Central Time

 The ACA program is a fantastic supplement to the CoDA program, as it also deals with Codependency and Inner Child work.  (trauma informed)

Meeting ID# 836 3860 0705

Passcode: acawewstep

ACA Step Study
6-7 PM Central Time


Our Step Study Meetings is open to all ACA members and supports everyone working their step process. Working your steps as a group offers significant help and support and is a slow paced meeting. You will buddy up with another in the group as your go to contact. 


Meeting ID#88679074471

Passcode: acawewstep


What You Need To Work The Program's 

CoDA and ACA are Self-Supporting 
To Make a 7th Tradition Donation Via PayPal



 Compassionate Support

 Fellowship Community

 Empowerment & Autonomy

 Anonymity & Confidentiality

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