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Monday Night CoDA
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6:30 - 7:30 CST
Meeting ID883 7896 5566
password: codawew
Thursday Night Step Study
 Meeting ID: 82318376523
Passcode:  arcoda
Friday Next Step Meeting 
6-7:30 CST
Meeting ID: 889 6756 4499
Password: 057837

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This is a group for women of all ages seeking to learn how to have healthy relationships. It is a 12 step program that was founded to address codependency, which is a compulsive behavior that normally begins in childhood. For that reason, we find that the coping skills we have acquired as a result of unhealthy modeling from our family of origin as well as relationships outside of our family, creates issues within relationships in our teen and adult lives. What once helped us survive, no longer works and many of us try desperately to find good relationships, yet constantly fall short. CoDA offers a number ways to work your CoDA program from codependency  & unhealthy relationships, such  as working the 12 Steps and finding our path to a Higher Power of our own understanding. It is process that takes place with a solid supporting network of women and together with your sponsor, you will embark on a journey that will change your life for the better! 
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Why Join CoDA?

We have attempted to use others as our sole source of identity, value and well being, and as a way of trying to restore within us the emotional losses from our childhoods.

Our histories may include other powerful addictions which at times we have used to cope with our codependence.
We have all learned to survive life, but in CoDA we are learning to live life. Through applying the Twelve Steps and principles found in CoDA to our daily life and relationships ­ both present and past - we can experience a new freedom from our self defeating lifestyles. It is an individual growth process. Each of us is growing at our own pace and will continue to do so as we remain open to God's will for us on a daily basis. Our sharing is our way of identification and helps us to free the emotional bonds of our past and the compulsive control of our present.






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