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We Need Meeting Leaders/Volunteers for ALL CODA-WEW Group Meetings...
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6:30-7:30 PM CST

CoDA meetings are open to all who desire healthy and loving relationships, you do not have to be codependent.

Meeting ID#


code: codawew

CoDA Step Study
7-8 PM CST

CoDA Step Study  Group meets to discuss the steps and share our

experience, strength & hope.

Meeting ID# 


code: codastep

Saturday Chronic & CoDA 


This CoDA Group is for women with chronic conditions & those who are caregivers to people with chronic conditions.

Meeting ID#

933 9289 3827
Passcode: chron&coda

Monday Loving Parent Guidebook
6:30-7:30 PM CST

This meeting follows the Loving Parent Guidebook as a structure and topic. The book is available on ACA website link below.

Meeting ID#


code: wewacamon

11 am-12 CST


The ACA program is program of people

who grew up in dysfunctional homes with or without Alcoholism.


Meeting ID#

Passcode: acawew

Tuesday ACA Step Meeting is now closed

We had a Group Conscience and the outcome is the group that met on Tuesday for Step Study is now CLOSED. 

If you would like to take this spot and support our groups  by running a step meeting email us at

ACA 6-7 PM

 The ACA program is a program of people

who grew up in dysfunctional homes with or without Alcoholism.

Meeting ID#

 849 1667 4572
Passcode: 075658

We are always looking for individuals ready to lead group meetings for any and ALL tweleve step programs. If you or someone you know would like to start a Zoom Meeting just email us with the details to get listed on our homepage. The only criteria for a meeting leader is to be a female member of the group they intend to lead, have experience using screen share for Zoom, and use our slide deck (and more than one volunteer leader). Contact us at

Note: These pages may not have been reviewed, endorsed, or approved by CoDA.ORG or ACA WSO, INC. 
  • We are committed to complying with the Twelve Step Program's Twelve Traditions.
  • We are an online resource; consider us an online bulletin board for Women Only Twelve Step Meetings led by individuals who sign up to host them & we also have unaffiliated meetings for women listed on our site. Our goal is to reach as many women who still suffer.
  • All of the online meetings listed on our website are committed to adhering to the Traditions of CoDA or ACA.
  • We do not claim to be nor are we attempting to represent material or information as OUR OWN; the information we use in our meetings and on this site is available to the public.  
  • We are a group with multiple individual meetings; no meetings EVER combine twelve step groups.
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Women Empowering Women Twelve Step Groups

Thanks for reaching out, we will get back to you ASAP! Remember we are volunteers so your patience is appreciated.

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