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Finding Home

I came into CoDA to try to end the crazy cycle of damaging and destructive relationships I was in. Growing up in a dysfunctional home I was always looking for a safe place to call home. I was displaced at age16 when my parents split, and I moved 10 times in two years trying to find somewhere I felt “at home”. I thought a relationship was the key to my lost feelings and emptiness. Unfortunately, the relationships I was involved in were more damaging and I felt even more alone and “homeless”.

I finally ended up at CoDA after my last-ditch relationship and heard the readings in the rooms and felt peace. The words in the program were soothing to my soul and I started to feel less alone. I now know what I was searching for all those years, it is the love I needed to give myself not someone else.

I feel more whole now than ever as I get to know myself and start to feel close to myself. I now know what “home” is and that is within myself.

Jessica - 2023/02/20

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