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From Our Founder:

"I personally needed a CoDA group exclusive to those who identify as female so I felt safe in meetings to share. I was shocked that we did not have one available.

I know when I started going to CoDA meetings, it was dangerous for me. I was being controlled and manipulated my partner at that time. I held back in fear many times during the meeting because I did not want men to hear me or know what was happening to me. I spoke to several women in our group and they agreed that it would be helpful to have a group exclusively for women...and CoDA WEW was born.  

The overwhelming success of our membership is testament to the need we have  to come together collectively and heal.


Thanks to CODA, my life is not only healthier but I am happier than ever. I have the joy of living the "promises" everyday.


I am grateful to see so many women, including my precious sponsee's, find healthy lives and relationships for the first time. I know that our group will continue to grow and we will share our experience, strength and hope for many years to come. 


Another aspect of what I love about CoDA is there is only one requirement for membership, the desire to have healthy relationships with yourself and others.


Who doesn't want that?

So, if you are ready to experience a supportive community of amazing women, seeking happier and healthier lives & relationships, then you have found your new home!"


In Love and Service-

Kimberly Sprintz


Welcome to the fellowship of Codependency Anonymous, may you finally find freedom to live your life as our Higher Power intended,


Precious & Free


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