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Members Only Content

The group was founded from a desire to have a safe community of women to walk their journey

of recovery together. We have built a strong group of women who support each other by

adhering to the guidance of our CoDA & ACA material. Our website is to expand the resources we have for our recovery.  The member only content pages will have video

content (some will be post meeting videos with voice only, presenting the information that was included in the meeting. There will be workshops added, presentations pertaining to our collective recovery that will aide us in establishing and maintaining healthy lives and emotional sobriethat will be easy to access by our members on step-work, etc. 

As the founder of the first exclusive CoDA group for women only in the Houston area, it gives me

such joy to share what I and others have found in our own journey toward a life that is no longer filled

with unhealthy relationships and emptiness. This now includes ACA as another 12-step group that has 

profoundly influenced my life. We plan to add other 12-step groups in the future. 


Members committed to their recovery attend our meetings, work the program or

plan to, contribute in some way either online or otherwise to CoDA or ACA. Our group depends on 7th

Tradition Contributions by our members (yes even 1$ helps). When this group met in person

we had donations weekly, since we moved to online meetings, we have had a substantial decrease in

contributions. The website and the material presented in our meetings, chips for

recovery, pamphlets and marketing takes money to sustain. We also share a portion of our

donations to our local Intergroup's which help our region, state, national & international

survival as a group and is also stipulated within the Traditions. 

If you attend meetings, contact the group leader at the meeting you attend...provide them

with your email information and request to be added to the member only site, you can also

join at the top of the page and set up a profile, then you will have access.

We ask that you donate as you can for this valuable resource for our members to further enhance the journey of recovery through access to our online members only content. We do however either

need you to attend a meeting and become active in our group and make a contribution if you are able

that will support our survival as CoDA & ACA group's for women only.

In Service,

Kimberly Sprintz, Founder & Director (she/her/they)

Grateful Recovering for 8 years in October 

Recovering in AA and Sober for 6 years