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"Keep Coming Back" by: A.H.

We keep coming back because ACA is a way of life that fulfills us emotionally and spiritually.” (BRB, Page 334).

OCTOBER 1 - On this day I renew my commitment to be part of a group whose actions come from an attitude of love and understanding of my needs as an adult child. (Strengthening My Recovery (p. 301). ACA WSO INC., Kindle Edition)

As a child, many of my emotional needs were not met. My physical needs were provided for, but my adult child needs include healing the wounds from emotional invalidation and neglect.

ACA provides a space and a structure for me to learn to meet my own needs in this area.

Our loving parent meets our unmet childhood needs of protection, nurturance, support, and guidance. We can recognize our loving parent by noticing when we: Care for our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Feel the physical sensations associated with openness, softness, lightness, stillness, and ease. Offer ourselves comforting words or touch. Have loving thoughts or mental images/movies that reflect kindness and compassion.

The Loving Parent Guidebook: The Solution is to Become Your Own Loving Parent (pp. 25-26). ACA WSO. Kindle Edition.

Through ACA, I finally have a group dedicated to meeting my special needs as an adult child. I am not alone in the ways I struggle and there are many others who can empathize with me and offer their own faith, strength, and hope.

Even though it is difficult to open up and feel the pain of past trauma, I am grateful to have the program of ACA in my life now.

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