will be held after the last ACA meeting of September due to the technical issues for the original day planned. 

Currently we have now added a Secretary for ACA and CODA (A'Biel) and GSR (Danielle) for CoDA and Outreach Rep (Annette)


Our Annual in person CoDA Retreat will be held in Tomball Texas for our State Assemblies and Intergroups in Texas. Hosted by CoDA Houston. October 22-24th. MUST pre-register and purchase tickets. A link for detail can be found on our website page labeled 2021 CoDA Retreat and also found on and 


We have started our ACA Step Group that meetings every Tuesday Night to go over and work their steps for the program as a group. People will pair with each other and make a commitment to attend and complete their steps. It will move slowly as to allow everyone to do the work. Link to the group is on our ACA page.


VOLUNTEERS ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED... Do you want to help contribute in some way to Women Empowering Women CoDA/ ACA? We have something for everyone and if you have an idea, special skill, connections for community service, locations that need meetings, ready to host a separate meeting on another day and time...we can't possible beg more than PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make yourself known. You can be a wallflower and contribute or you can be as involved as you are being called by your higher power. Email for info at



I have worked very hard to set up a password protected section for our website so those who can not make our meetings can access the material presented. To access consider making a small monthly donation to help support our group and make these things accessible. If you can not monetarily contribute, contact me at and I will provide you with the passwords. 



We are a self-supporting group, declining outside contributions. That means our members are who help our group and that of the larger fellowship functioning. Our group had a huge amount of support when we had in person meetings, however, do to converting to online only we have had a dramatic decline in contributions. CoDA Houston Intergroup is also seeing a decline and this can be assisted by helping in any way you are capable to do so. We have a donation button on our websites to PAYPAL and have other options too. Please consider donating.